Cutting tools

The hard metal cutting insert market for SUMCA within the AKRIS group is a technology driver that ensures our clients have the best quality tool at the right time in place. We offer a full catalogue of tools from the slimmest grooving tool carefully polished to the most complex rotation in a die for drilling tips with a full closure in the die for burr free parts.

The constant investment in our machine park, whether production machines or metrology allow us to ensure that our tools when they leave our two finishing locations (Europe and the US) work out of the box. We have developed systems to polish internal and external features really delivering “friction friendly tooling” where powder sticking to faces is easily managed.

We work with all the major press constructors equipping electrical, hydraulic, hybrid and mechanical presses with adapters or direct fit tool sets. The interface with the machine being done through a proprietary zero referencing system or own designed system allowing for smart set ups avoiding damage and optimising performance at the press.