Akris group

Our competencies

Our group of comanies are here to listen. Our expectation is to provide a high quality service to our clients, suggesting an improvment to change when necessary. The listening is done by all employees whether in the design office, operations or commercial side of the business.

The first interaction is with our commercial team who are motivated linguists with a good knowledge of the products that we manufacture. We are here to ensure all our customers’ projects progress smoothly from the understanding of the project through to succesful delivery at your factory.

The design office will help build on your specification in collaboration with you in a fully digital environment, developing a project solution that will meet your needs. We have over twenty years accompanying customers in their projects and welcome opportunities to create new collaborations.

The operational parts of the company are well managed through our embedded ERP system that specifies production sequence and quality standards that must be met. A good communication is held with customers to keep them informed of progress with a can do approach.